When To Hire A Labour Lawyer

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If you have been in a position where you feel discriminated upon by either the employer or other staff members, face wrongful termination, or harassed sexually, a labour lawyer can help fix it. Just because you fear for your job/employment doesn’t mean you need to work in unfavorable conditions either. You don’t necessarily have to be in situations to need a labour attorney either. You can have a sitting with the attorney for advice on various issues affecting your business, (both employer and employee) is recommended as well. Some of the instances when you may need a labour attorney include:

1. If wrongly dismissed
Although an employer may have genuine reasons for letting you go, being fired because you raised an issue, or complained about unsafe working conditions, is often considered as wrongful dismissal. While you may feel that you were fired for the wrong reasons, it’s advisable to let your lawyer determine that. The attorney will look into your case, the past, and performance in the workplace to make a case. If he/she also feels something was amiss, he may approach the employer for an explanation, or even have the case taken to court.

2. Sexual discrimination
Gender discrimination in the workplace is a serious offense punishable by law. Most employees, however, let the case slide simply because the person discriminating them is their superior or employer. Some employers may fail to give a promotion or other positions in the workplace just because one is male or female. This however shouldn’t be the case. If you feel some employment decisions are made based on sex grounds, you can then contest the same in a court of law. A good labour lawyer can help you every step of the way to ensure justice is served.

3. Racial discrimination
Although cases of racial discrimination in the workplace have been on the decline, some employees still face this. An employer may refuse to hire you based on your skin color or race (regardless of your qualifications) only to favor someone of another racial background. Although the employer may have a right to hire whomever he/she feels right, discriminating one just because of their skin color or origin is prohibited. If you feel discriminated because of your race, then an attorney can help make a case and have the offender pay for it.

4. If denied of your employment benefits
An employee may be injured while in the workplace, or even get a disability from the kind of work he/she does. Some employers may even deny their employees some of their rights including workers compensation, off-day, etc. While the employer may seem to be in power here, a labour lawyer can help you get justice and receive full compensation for damages and benefits accrued.

Facing an employer or a company with a claim requires lots of preparation and experience, particularly on the lawyer’s side. The only way you stand a good chance with the case is if you hire an experienced, trustworthy, and reputable labour lawyer to represent you from a source like the Florida Green Building Law Review website. Having someone specializing in such cases gives your case an upper hand too.

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