A Guide To SEO Montreal

If you have a business website, then you undoubtedly want to get more organic traffic to it so that these visitors can be converted into paying customers. Unfortunately, in most cases, many business owners spend hundreds and thousands of dollars building beautiful websites that get 0 visitors. This is because you need to do SEO in order to get organic traffic. SEO or search engine optimization is when you properly optimize your site’s on-page and off-page so that it ranks highly in search engines like Google and Bing. If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t know where to start, however, there are many SEO Agencies that can do your SEO for you. We will now take a look at some of the services and offerings of these SEO Montreal agencies.

Firstly, a good SEO agency will do a full site audit. Even if you don’t have any visitors to your site, this is important to determine the state of your on-page and technical SEO. This basically refers to the quality of the content on your pages, keywords used, silo structure, interlinking etc. Technical SEO refers to the speed of your site and if there are any technical issues preventing it from ranking. Additionally, in a site audit, the agency will check your backlinks. Even if you never built any backlinks for your site, there are links that happen organically and not all of them are good for your site. If you have bad backlinks, then the agency will take note of these so that they can be disavowed.

After the audit is done, they will have an audit report which they will go through with you. This report will indicate all the issues with your site as well as what you’ve done correctly. The contents of the audit will determine what the SEO agency will do next. For example, if your site is already ranking on the second or third page of Google for your keywords and there aren’t any on-page issues, then they will mostly start by building backlinks to improve your rankings. On the other hand, if your site is not even ranking in the top 100 for your keywords, they will probably start by doing keyword research and editing the current content and on-page optimization of your site. So, there is no one size fits all approach to SEO, it all depends on your individual site’s needs.

Backlinking is a very important part of SEO and a good agency will always create a backlink campaign for your site. In particular, you should choose an agency that does white hat off-page SEO since this will protect you from being hit by Google penalties. You should have a talk with the agency you choose about the specific type of backlinks they intend to build and you should ensure they are mostly outreach links with relatively powerful DA/DR ratings.

When it comes to SEO Montreal, WebClimb ┬áis highly recommended since they offer a full range of SEO services. So, once you’re ready to improve your rankings and get more sales, be sure to check them out and schedule a meeting asap.